Drunken Midgets (or: Portrait Session with a Two-Year Old)

Bright and early Sunday morning, I arrived at Sidecut metropark in Maumee with my good friends Matt and Kristy along with their adorable two-year old son, Malcolm.

Like you do, us adults tried to get young Malcolm to cooperate with our preconceived notions of how the photo shoot should go. Well as it turns out, at 9:30 on a sunny Sunday morning in a beautiful metropark, the last thing a two-year old is interested in doing is sitting still while people flash lights in his face.

Since the sunlight wasn't cooperating anyway, we relocated and tried a little reverse psychology on the boy. Of course this didn't work either. Adults cajoling and playing tricks just doesn't compare to grass, trees, bugs, and frogs.

We decided to give our young subject a little break and horse around. This is when things started coming together. Crazy as it sounds, letting a two year old just be a kid seems to work itself out.

After a fair amount of running around in circles, hiking around the park, and just having a good time in the early fall weather, we decided to just go with the flow and get shots where opportunities presented themselves.

As we let Malcolm burn off some of that seemingly endless toddler energy, he began to be slightly more cooperative. Slightly indeed.

After all was said and done, the morning was a stunning success. Many laughs were shared with good friends, the boy got to express his glorious youthful sense of wonder, and we even managed to get a handful of good pictures from the deal.

Sometimes you just have to stop getting hung up on your expectations and just enjoy the ride.