Capture One, Adobe, and Malaysian Influence

I’ve had some bourbon tonight, which puts me in a somewhat philosophical place right now. Which is good, because I’m STILL trying to find a photo editing workflow with which I am truly happy… or at least not mostly unhappy.

A few days ago I purchased Ming Thein’s Photoshop Workflow III videos. There is a lot of valuable information there, particularly on his dodging/burning workflow, and I was really hoping that this workflow — especially in concert with his supplied camera profiles for Lightroom/ACR — would set me up to quickly and effectively process photos in Adobe’s tools.

Alas, after doing a quick comparison of ACR to C1, it is *still* not even close…

The colors coming out of Capture One still blow away anything Adobe can produce. They feel more natural, tonal gradations and transitions are head and shoulders above. Where Adobe throws a green veil over everything, C1 produces clearly-separated colors.

I really wanted this to work out, if not in Adobe’s favor, as a close enough race that I could be happy enough to use it as a starting point for further editing in Photoshop. But it is just not there.